Wednesday, 24 February 2016

On The Radio This Morning

Listen out for us on the radio this morning. We should have live interviews with Radio Lancashire some time before 8am and then with Radio Merseyside after 8am. It's our big launch day for Burscough Community Farm today so we are busy spreading the word.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Presentations and Speakers We are thrilled that some of our members and associates are giving presentations on things that they passionately care about. Our launch event starts at 3pm on Wednesday 24th February 2016 at The Grove Youth and Community Centre, Station Approach (Opposite Tesco), Burscough, Lancs.  Here are some more details including times of the presentations.

Abi Reade - The Tree Bee Society (16:30-17:00)

 Abi Reade is one of the founders of The Tree Bee Society CIC, a Burscough based, non-profit organisation who has a core aim of protecting all of Britain’s Honey and Bumblebees. They look to rapidly increase the number of pollinators across the North West of England and do so through their Bee breeding program. They have become known for their International Green Apple Award winning Bumble Bee Rescue and Rehome service, collecting their awards at the Houses of Parliament.

Gaynor Pickering - Permaculture On Burscough Community Farm (17:00-17:30)

  • What is Permaculture
  • The main principles of Permaculture
  • Examples of Permaculture Design
  • How Permaculture is used on Burscough Community Farm
Gaynors presentation will outline what Permaculture is about, it’s main principles and how we have used Permaculture at Burscough Community Farm to help with the design process of different elements of the farm. Gaynor is one of the founders of Organic Veg Club and has a special interest in Permaculture. She lived in Australia for a while and did her Permaculture Design Course with internationally renowned Permaculture Teacher Geoff Lawton.

Graham Clarkson - Farmland and Birds (17:30-18:00)

  • Why farmland birds are disappearing
  • What we are doing locally
  • What you can see at BCF and the surrounding area
  • Join us on a walk in May or June
Graham has formerly worked for WWT, RSPB, BTCV. He lived in Abu Dhabi working on a McQueen's Bustard breeding project for four years. He has also worked for two summers on a conservation project in Kazhakstan and recently on another conservation project in Madagascar, setting up a breeding centre for Madagascar Pochard, one of rarest birds in the world. With fellow Organic Veg Club member Alan Bedford, he runs the  'Birdwatching and Beyond course at Edge Hill University and is also a founder member of 'West Lancashire Wildlife'. Graham currently runs a small business 'Skein Nature’, a wildlife watching, travel & wildlife gardening company.

Alan Bedford - Small Mammal Monitoring And What It Tells Us (18:00-18:30)


 This presentation will attempt to deal with why we would want to monitor small mammal numbers - including at Burscough Community Farm. It will then detail what is involved with the two main methods - direct monitoring (live trapping) and owl pellet analysis. It will illustrate the value of both methods by using data collected from the Trough of Bowland (live trapping) and locally in West Lancashire through both owl pellet analysis and live trapping. The exhibition display will have a range of traps for people to examine, owl pellets together with identification sheets, examples of dissected pellets and, for those who want to, facilities to dissect pellets themselves There will also be various photos and a display board and information for West Lancashire Wildlife. Alan is a former environmental lecturer from Edge Hill University and is also one of the founders of West Lancashire Wildlife.

Dr. Susan O’Halloran - The Health Benefits of Horticulture (18:30-19:00)


Susan is a retired doctor. She is a member and regular volunteer for Organic Veg Club and is out on the field in all weathers and will try her hand at most things on the farm. This has led her to appreciate the health benefits of horticulture and she has been looking into these. She will describe some of them and  bring to light her own experience on why she takes time out to work on the land

Neil Hickson - Market Gardening and Community Supported Agriculture (19:00-19:30)

  • What is a Market Garden.
  • Community Supported Agriculture, an alternative food production model
  • The how and why of Organic Veg Club
  • Burscough Community Farm and its future.
Neil Hickson was one of the founders of Organic Veg Club and Burscough Community Farm. He was a Professional Freelance Photographer but now works as lead grower and marketing co-ordinator for Burscough Community Farm. Neil produces our newsletter and the ‘Livingcycle’ audio podcast which covers the themes of Sustainability, Organic Food Growing, Health and Wellbeing. (

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Burscough Community Farm Launch Event - we are changing our name.

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For some time now we have been thinking of changing our name. Organic Veg Club described what we have been up to for the last two growing seasons, but it feels a bit exclusive and not very inviting. We are changing our name to Burscough Community Farm as we feel that it represents what we are about. It is a community that has built this farm and a community that has supported us through the recent difficult times of the flood. 

If you want to find out more about this event, go to

If you are in the area on Wednesday 24th February, please call in and say hello. We are at The Grove Youth and Community Centre, Station Approach (opposite Tesco), Burscough, L40 0RZ from 3pm until 8:30 pm.