Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Planning For The New Season

Now we have passed the Winter Solstice the daylight hours are creeping up in length, yet we still have some cold winter weeks to come, so now is the time for planning. For growers, sitting down flicking through seed catalogues is something to be savoured. All those crops to grow, all that food. Immersing yourself in all the possibilities, how many varieties, what will suit our ground, what will we be eating? Yes, seed catalogues are growers porn and reading them is a delicious pleasure. You can imagine our excitement when the box arrived from our seed supplier packed tight with seed packets. All that potential, all that food packed into one box, this amazes me and is part of the magic of growing your own food. Our secretary Gaynor winced as we opened the box and said "all that work!" She's right, what we have before us is a vast undertaking. Getting all that stuff in the ground and raising it up into mature food ready to harvest will be a massive job with many hours of toil needed to make it happen; I cannot wait to get started.

Membership is now open for our 2015 season, so if you would like to join our growing tribe and have a hand in growing sustainable food for yourself and your family the cost to join is £30.00 per household. Later in the year we should be launching our own weekly veg box. For details of the different types of membership and how to join you can go to the membership page.

Neil Hickson

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