Saturday, 12 April 2014

We need your vote...

... and your neighbours...and anyone else with a Burscough post code.

We have now launched our Burscough Biodiversity Project (AKA  Birds, Bees, Bats and Bugs, and we need votes to make it happen. Each year Burscough Parish Council hold the Annual Parish Assembly Event. It is to be held on Wednesday 16th of April (next week as I write this). During the event starting at 3pm until 7pm at The Grove Youth and Community Centre  (between Tesco's car park and the train Station), votes will be taken for the 'Participatory Budgeting Award'.  worth up to £10,000.

This is for new projects benefiting Burscough residents that otherwise wouldn't happen. We have applied for just over £9,000 to make our Biodiversity Project a reality.

We want the money to boost wildlife in and around our project because being organic farmers we need a pool of natural pest predators to keep our growing ecosystem in balance. It is much bigger than that though. In an area of intensive monoculture agriculture these creatures need a place to be and a place to breed.

If we can prove that our type of sustainable agriculture works, others will adopt our practices. We believe that our approach to biodiversity, ecology and sustainable food growing will benefit the residents of Burscough; it is part of our constitution to educate others in these practices.

Come along yourself and get any Burscough resident you know to come along and see our exhibition stand, have a chat over free tea or coffee and hopefully give us your backing. Please spread the word.

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